Derr Precision

Entry Team 1911

This is a test bed 1911 for a regional LE tactical unit. Everything but the kitchen sink is in this one. They can pick and choose a lot of features. It has a few things that are new to 1911’s I think. Like the Viking Tactical sights which were for a SW M&P, I modified them and cut the correct dovetails on a “bald” Caspian slide. Most of the parts are EGW. Barrel is Kart. Chuck Rogers did his “Golfball” texture on the front strap and the MSH. This is intended to be used with gloves on and hold fast in the hand. Finish is Cerakote “Armorers Black” Lots of little details if you look.

Entry Team gd 060215-01 Entry Team gd 060215-04 Entry Team gd 060215-06 Entry Team gd 060215-05 Entry Team gd 060215-03 Entry Team gd 060215-02