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This Colt Officers was in for a few difficult modifications. The front sight was a Millet Duel Crimp which the owner was not happy with, that was removed and I TIG welded the holes up. Next he wanted more accuracy. The Colt had a barrel bushing which really did nothing to support the barrel. A good friend and master machinist Dan S. had converted some in the past to bushingless by soldering in a filler and machining the slide to fully support the barrel front end. He was able to squeeze me in and it came out great. You can see a hairline where the bluing did not take, I highlighted it just to show the area. In real like it is less pronounced. I cut the slide for Heinie front and rear sights. Next the pistol had been Cerakoted in a metallic cobalt color. That was stripped off and the pistol was prepared for bluing. The barrel and hammer were treated with hard chrome. Testing with 230 FMJ at 25 feet yielded some good groups for an Officers pistol.

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