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This project started as a factory fresh Colt Delta Elite 10 MM in stainless. The client had a few wants, but allowed for a lot of creativity.

First off, the factory slide and frame were refit for tightness, the barrel was then refit to the frame and slide with a new EGW “thick flange“ bushing and custom made spring plug.

The frame received 30 lpi checkering along with matching MSH in 30 lpi. The magwell was heavily beveled for easy mag inserts and drop.

An Ed Brown “Memory Groove” grip safety was fit and blended, replacing the traditional 1911A1 tangs. The thumb safety is a Kimber product to allow for left handed shooting, the owner is a southpaw.

The slide was machined for a 10-8 “U” notch rear sight as well as a Trijicon tritium front sight with orange surround. Ball cuts and carry bevels were machined into the slide as well.

Internals were replaced with a Warner “True Radius” sear and an EGW disconnector.  The hammer was surface ground for a square hook and the sides were relieved for clearance. Trigger weight was set at a crisp 3.5 pounds.

Factory rubber grips are replaced with custom carbon fiber grips hand made for the project. The factory “Delta” insignias were inlaid in the grips.

I chose to include a matching knife for this long time client. The knife was handcrafted by Spangler in Fall River, Mass. The grips and a thin red border were specifically used to match the Delta color scheme.

The final project shoots like a dream with both target loads and jacked hollow point rounds.

Delta Knife11WMDelta Knife18WM

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