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This thing is HOT…from the muzzle that is…Custom 357 Sig/40 S&W 1911 build – a two barrel Hard Chrome Caspian.  .40 S&W Karl barrel and a .357 Sig by Fusion.  Each barrel has a hard cut bushing and deep crown.  The GS and TS are Ed Brown.  The front sight is EGW while the rear is Kensight clone of a Novak.  Grips are VS’s.

357 1911-01 copy375 1911-02 copy357 1911-04 copy357 1911-03


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At Greg Derr Precision Arms, we individualize your needs. We offer all our clients all the big names in parts and accessories. As a result, you will also have the advantage of choosing between aftermarket parts for your gun or using big name custom shops parts.