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Navy 1911 gd 032216-001

A purpose built Colt 1911 target gun for a USN veteran who competes in NRA style bullseye shooting and CMP “Ball” matches like the prestigious “Presidents Hundred” match at Camp Perry, Ohio. This pistol has two complete top ends. One for NRA bullseye which allows optic sights and the other for CMP military style matches which use only iron sights. Both are fitted with Kart National Match barrels and bushings for maximum accuracy. The frame is fit for both a spur style hammer and a commander style hammer with a high rise beavertail should the owner want to convert to that set up. The finish is blue with hard chrome barrel, bushing and hammers. The grips are by Crystal at ” A Woman’s Touch” She does great work and has her own laser. The shooter provided the art work for his grips.

Now it’s all up to him.

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