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Texas Truck Gun- this Colt was rejected for a premium grade build, so the owner asked me to make him a truck gun. Well I never have felt like doing anything half right was a good thing. I tried to use as much of the original Commander as possible. The high cut was to hide/remove some really deep dings which the owner did not see when he bought it. The sights are Heinie, a new thick bushing was cut like i think CT Brian or Ned Christiansen has done, just because I wanted to try it. The internals were upgraded. The grips are off the shelf. Bluing is workman like with a slight brushed look.

Texas Truck Gun gd 040917-04

Custom Colt Pin Gun
Branded Colt Stallion 1911

Derr Precision

At Greg Derr Precision Arms, we individualize your needs. We offer all our clients all the big names in parts and accessories. As a result, you will also have the advantage of choosing between aftermarket parts for your gun or using big name custom shops parts.