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A pair of Colt 1911’s that went through a role reversal. The Goverment was a new unfired Series 80 in blue, the owner wanted a number of mods including new sights, grip safety, checkering, MSH, ignition parts to name a few. The project was finished in a lightly polished hard chrome. The Commander was originally electroless nickel plated from Colt. It received machine checkering and a high cut. Refit barrel and new bushing with new ignition parts. A 10-8 rear sight with an XS small dot up front. The finish is now deep blue with a high polish on the slide flats and pins. Grips are maple by Cavery. The guns are for two different owners.

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HOT from the muzzle...
Lightweight Bullseye

Derr Precision

At Greg Derr Precision Arms, we individualize your needs. We offer all our clients all the big names in parts and accessories. As a result, you will also have the advantage of choosing between aftermarket parts for your gun or using big name custom shops parts.