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This Series 70 Colt was bought by the owner off a classified listing on a local shooters forum, it was his first 1911.  The plan the owner had was to make it a very classy .45. The gun had lots of modifications from the original manufacturers set up. There were two holes drilled in the gun, one in the frame and one in the slide. Both needed to be filled and welded. The beavertail was poorly fit as well as the barrel. The front sight was fit well but had an orange insert. The rear sight was serviceable and the unique cut in the slide would have been too difficult to weld and recut.

After the holes were welded the frame was checkered at 25 lpi with high cut, a new mainspring housing  was added and blended. A new grip safety was added and the tangs recut. A Kart match barrel and EGW thick flange bushing provide ultimate accuracy. The front sight was recut and serrated without the plastic insert.

For the finish I went with glass beaded rounds and a very high polished slide. A French cut was added to the slide as an accent. The pins were also high polished to add contrast on the frame. Grip maker John Hoskins crafted some very nice  walnut burl grips to finish off the classic look.

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Gulfstream 1911


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