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I got the shooting bug at an early age as many folks do, from dad. My dad was a competitive bullseye shooter and a hunter. I used to go with my dad while he practiced his pistol skills and chase his brass around the range as he shot. My first shooting was with a 22-caliber bolt-action rifle. As I grew so did my interest in the shooting sports. As a teen I hunted ducks and small game with my friends in the coastal swamps that in my town. After a short break for higher education I picked up target shooting with friends, choosing a High Standard 22 like my dad used to use. I got involved with local club bullseye shooting and learned a lot. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Don Hamilton, probably one of the best pistol shooters to ever compete, His record of 2668 still stands at Camp Perry, established in 1969.

Don took me under his wing and he and I had a fabulous relationship, like father and son for 15 years until his passing in 1999. During that time with Don’s coaching I was able to secure a number of NRA National Records in Bullseye and ISSF Olympic style shooting. I represented the US in world competitions for six year, leaving the global stage after the 1996 Olympic games to start a family 

Don also trained me in gunsmithing, many evening I would spend time with Don learning the secrets to making the 1911 pistol an accurate target pistol. Don’s pistols were highly regarded in the Bullseye community. Since 1992 I have had my own shop, with work focusing on Olympic style pistols of European manufacture. As Don’s health failed he started sending his clients for 1911 work in my direction. From that point I worked to blend Don’s old school accuracy with modern ergonomics and esthetics to produce 1911’s with a blend of accuracy and art.

The 1911 is my shops primary platform, but I have taken my skills to many other types of pistols and revolvers.

I like to think I am still learning.