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CUSTOM 1911 | Derr Precision
Derr Precision


Since my dad gave me his Alton Dinan modified Colt National Match when I turned 18 I have loved the 1911. Since then I have shot countless rounds in that gun and still consider it my favorite 1911.

I don’t offer “package” builds or customizing. I prefer to think of 1911 and every owners, as an individual with their own needs. I like to process of trying to make what the shooter wants instead of what I want. Yes I have limits and boundaries, but they all make sense. If a client wants something unique I am happy to work to make that happen. The 1911 provides endless possibilities for customization and modification.

From knothole groups at fifty yards to wide magwells for speed reloading on the move, have done it to the 1911. I am also open to new things for shooters. The world of the 1911 is always evolving and so am I.

I use top shelf parts and processes to make clients dreams come true. Parts from manufacturers like EGW, Ed Brown, Wilson, Harrison Design, Novak, Kart and Caspian to name a few. A great gun is the sum of great parts and work.

The shop is equipped with all the machines to customize your 1911. If not I will find a specialist that can get that segment of a build done for me. No one can do it all, but if I can’t I hire the best in the business who can.

If you look through the photos on this sight you will see a wide variety of custom 1911’s. From competition specific builds to heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation to corporate gifts . I also offer accessories such as presentation boxes, matching knives and holsters for the discriminating owner.