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Precision Pair | Derr Precision
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Les Baer Precision Pair

A set of match .45’s built on Les Baer frames and slides. One is set up for NRA bullseye matches, the other CMP “Ball” matches. Both are identical with a few exceptions. Kart NM barresl provide tack driving accuracy at fifty yards. Both are fit with EGW bushings and FLGR’s. The hammers are Harrison Design, short spurs. EGW grip safeties. Colt thumb safeties. The wadcutter is equiped with an Al Marvel scope mount and UltraDot scope. The “hardball” gun has a smooth flat top and Kensight rear with custom front sight. The wadcutter is fitted with a RoCo match grip. Both are mirror finished blue slides and brushed hard chrome frames with polished accents.

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